I am trying to sell a small 1BR condo unit, but my next door neighbor is deliberately sabotaging any potential sales by talking down all potential buyers who stop by to see the unit. homechef59 2 years ago This could be a neighbor problem or it could be an agent problem. Neighbour sabotaging sale. 7 Ways Nightmare Neighbors Sabotage Your Home Sale via Xavier De Buck. We are currently in a legal dispute with our next door neighbor. I have very little to do with them and go months at a time without speaking to them. Forum Newsgroup photo by Luis Gronda. This means I have to wear earplugs to get a decent nights sleep as I have to be up for work at around 6am. I am currently moved out and can't keep an eye on the property 24/7. If you have a neighbor that is always playing loud music, hosting parties, and causing a nuisance, you could have a serious issue at hand. They have been screwing w/ you so this is what I would do. Give Your Home a Pedigree – Document your Homes Maintenance and Improvements via Kevin Vitali. Your Home Might be less that an Asset Than Your Led to Believe via Conor MacEvilly We are getting ready to move to the DC area, but we are currently in a different region. 8 Ways to Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal via Michelle Gibson. To help resolve the situation, Wethman suggests approaching your neighbor in a polite manner, let them know you plan to put your house up for sale, and ask if there's any way you can work together to … Well, sellers, we don't mean to freak you out, but we've got bad news: You just might be sabotaging your home sale. I live in one state and own a home in another. This was told to us by a buyer's agent. Ways Neighbors Can Sabotage Your Home Sale No one wants to live next to a noisy neighbor. You've finally bought a little patch of Mother Earth that you can call your own. Get a couple that you know act as a potential buyer. Buyers can be very responsive to this, and that type of behavior could chase them away. ... licensed real estate salesperson for Yoreevo in New York. We also have our house on the market as a fsbo. DO NOT SELL TO THEM OR DO A LEASE OPTION PURCHASE. Incidentally the buyers solicitor is the same solicitor that my bad neighbour works for. A neighbor's loud pets are another turnoff that can sabotage a sale, says Wethman. Because if that has sold and went into foreclosure, I suspect you found your guilty party, and if that house hasn't sold and you suspect the same neighbor could be sabotaging that sale, you need to let them know. ... We’ve had our property on the market for nearly 12 months and had one offer but the buyer pulled out days before exchange of contracts. I am in the process of selling that home. Karen and Charles Neglia, who live in the house on the left, are suing their next door neighbors, Guido and Milagros Florentin, for allegedly saying negative comments about their home and swaying potential buyers to not purchase the house. Because the property I reside is a former council property the walls are quite thin. The problem is that the neighbors are trying very hard to annoy us and sabotage our home sale. I already have a potential buyer in contract and my neighbor is now treating to sue us for damage to the fence between our properties. What can I do if my neighbor is trying to sabotage the selling my home? The property is managed by a real estate company. Perhaps his fence is two feet over the property line, or the Then you discover your neighbor is encroaching.
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