You can sub it in any recipe calling for the same ingredients (tomatoes, onions, spices). Sowmya, so happy to hear that! I know everyone is all about “meal prep” these days. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the recipes you try . Can this be made in pressure cooker instead of instant pot? I used 3 medium size onions and 4 normal size roma tomatoes. Lisa, sorry to hear you got the burn sign! HI Ashley, I did tried your onion masala. I know you said 2 in ginger in the ingredients but just wondering how much that equates to after being chopped? This is such a life-saver for busy mums! Now I always have stock of this onion masala in my freezer. Hi, I am new to IP way of cooking and want to start with making a small batch of this masala before making a big batch as your recipe says. I noticed you don’t add a ton of spice to the nasal, unlike a lot of other recipe’s I’ve used. Also, can we double this recipe or will this cause problems w the onion browning? I’m at 2500 ft elevation, so I set the Pot accordingly. Seems like it’s better to add them fresh when you use the masala, and also it’s hard to adjust a recipe when there are spices already added. When we were in Bangalore, i had a chance to sneak peek into the kitchen of the restaurant where … I didn’t reach full pressure but the sauce tasted great in the palak paneer. Thank you for your recipes. Hi!! There was not too much burning on the bottom, however, I had to scrape the bottom and add some water for the instant pot to pressurize. Michelle, yes, you can definitely use red onions! Have you by any chance tried this using a good tomato puree? You do not need a curry or a side dish to enjoy the masala rice. I got the burn error 3 times, each time I added more oil but it still kept burning the mix to the bottom of the pan, also thoroughly cleaned the pan between each try. Delicious and, compared to the Indian restaurant down the street, so inexpensive! You are so awesome. I hope you love everything you make using this masala – let me know what you try . It’ll take longer to brown the onions but that should be the only thing! Hi Shailaja, I add it to individual recipes so that I can more accurately determine how much salt is in each recipe . What happens is that the spices collect on the bottom of the pot and burn. I make onion masala on the stove because I don’t have an instapot. This results in a thicker masala. Thank you so much for this recipe. That’s so great to hear! Hommade onion tomato masala, base for any curries or gravies. This recipe makes Indian cooking so easy. . mash the tomatoes until it turns soft and mushy. Jennifer, I’m so happy to hear that you love the onion masala! Having this masala ready to go is the best way to meal prep for Indian Cuisine. firstly, in a large kadai heat 3 tsp oil and saute 1 tsp cumin and 1 tsp kasuri methi until it turns aromatic. I love cooking (and especially EATING) Indian food, but sometimes the prep work can be daunting. I believe some people in my facebook group (instant pot for indian food) have made the recipe as written in their mini IPs but you can definitely halve the recipe to be safe! Hi Tamran, blending the onions will release more water content and so it’ll take you much longer to brown the onions. I let it be for a few minutes and the Burn message went away and IP started cooking the masala again. There was a significant amount of burn on the bottom of the IP that I did not incorporate into the blended sauce. Do you have a recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala using the onion masala? If so, any guesstimate on the amount? Next time I will add some water and cook off after pressure cook, if required. Thank you. You can definitely adjust the amount of spices to your taste – I like mine coriander heavy because it makes the masala a bit thicker and also because I love the flavor. That seems to be the risk of not having additional liquid in the recipe. Love it!! Thanks! I’ll have to try that , I forgot to mention that I put one and a half cups of water with the trivet but everyone probably realises that. Onion tomato chutney | How to make tomato onion chutney recipe Onion tomato chutney is the spicy, tangy and sweet chutney made from onions, tomatoes, red chillies and some spices. So, I stopped everything, converted to a Pot in pot method after cleaning the bottom of the IP. I may have over-blended a bit, as yours looks a little chunkier. Take all of your onion masala knowledge and apply it to any Indian recipe calling for onions and tomatoes! Thanks for letting me know how much you like this masala . Thanks for the review . Here is a recipe to get a perfect #OnionTomatoMasala Using this masala you can prepare Indian style vegetables, meats, curries & pulao. Your directions are always very direct and easy to follow, I’m excited to whip up the Toor Dal for dinner in a few hours! Add the tomatoes and also the rest of the spices, mix well and cook on medium heat, stirring frequently, until the oil starts to separate out (about 15 minutes). Or will it be spoiled? Thank you for sharing. This last though I ended up with something more like pizza sauce however it is still impressed my entire family when they couldn’t stop eating my tortellini… it’s good no matter what you dip in it too! I am sold on doing this for all my cooking needs. This eBook includes 100+ north Indian and south Indian recipes that have been converted to be Paleo-friendly! All have been fantastic! Every recipe of yours I have tried so far is simple, yet so delicious! Tomatoes chopped 2 large ; Fresh tomato puree 1 cup ; Oil 3 tablespoons ; Cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon ; Garlic paste 1 teaspoon ; Ginger paste 1 teaspoon ; Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon ; Salt to taste ; Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon ; Coriander powder 1 1/2 teaspoons ; Garam masala powder 1 teaspoon Thanks for the lovely recipes! You can use vegetable oil or ghee as per your taste preference. Canned tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness, and ripe tomatoes are what will make your masala tasty. If the recipe calls for some liquid (like dal or chicken curry) then you can add it in frozen. Thank you for this super time-saving trick. Family loved it. I’m so happy to hear that you’re liking the onion masala series I will definitely be adding more recipes soon! I’ve never actually had onion masala when not already in a dish so cannot say for sure if it is ‘legit’ but it sure smells legit! Thanks so much for sharing this! He is living his dream of making Indian cuisine the number one in the world and empowering women through power of cooking to become self sufficient. Quick question: why the spices? We’ve been wanting to make it for ages! Hi Archana, paprika isn’t spicy at all whereas cayenne is spicy. This will make sure we’re eating lots more flavorful dishes in the near future! I havent even frozen it as I am confident I will be using it up by next week. Hi Ashley Any need to add sugar in your experience? I’ll include a note in the recipe – but if you are getting a burn error the best thing to do is to deglaze the pot with a bit of water to make sure there’s nothing stuck at the bottom. Add your tomatoes, pop a lid on and leave it to simmer, stirring every now and then to avoid it catching at the bottom. I tried making the Onion Masala for the first time last weekend, followed the recipe as it is and still got the burn notification. I also got the burn message until I slightly covered the pot while cooking the onions so that they stayed a little moist. I have his book too, he is a genius ,, Thanks Sue! If I need to step away for a bit, I switch the InstantPot to “warm” until I can give it my undivided attention. For simplified cooking method please check for OPOS recipes. Matt, that’s so great to hear! It is up to you as to how brown you would like the onions. I went to your Onion Masala Blog series but cannot find a link to recipes that use this pre cooked Masala to understand the quantity needed. I have a basic question I do have a crock pot, and I have successfully caramelized onions in it. And I’m so glad you’re interested in this series! Also, if you have a food processor, you can use that to chop the onions easily – it’s definitely worth investing in one in my opinion . My parents usually use a 3:1 ratio while my in-laws use a 2:1 ratio. It’ll work well regardless of whether it’s smooth or a bit chunky! Make the recipe below for Indian onion masala. I stumbled across your blog earlier this afternoon. If using fresh tomatoes, I suggest using Roma tomatoes because they have less water content than other tomatoes. This is a semi-dry version of this dish so I have not added any cream or curd to the gravy. Thanks, Karuna! I roast onions and tomatoes in Oven . Also, after closing the lid do you change the IP settings to pressure cook or cook it in the sauté mode itself? What is the difference between paprika and cayenne pepper? Now that its been made, I’ve stored about 3/4 of it in ice trays and have kept the rest in an air tight box in the fridge! Just finished my second batch. This … Could you please guide me. Also, never try this in an 8 quart instant pot. I just wouldn’t suggest chopping them together as you’ll first want to caramelize the onions. Does anyone have this problem, and any potential explanations and solution? I think you just changed my life with this idea! Onion Tomato Masala is the base for many curries, stir fries, semi dry & masala recipes. I love it so much. I also would not use tomato paste – it’s too thick, may result in burning and will also result in very little masala. However today when i tried to saute my red onions, they turned greenish/blue. Thanks . Would this recipe still work if I blended the onions, garlic and ginger and cooked that down instead of starting with chopped onions? Really appreciate you sharing. Thank you! I love this hack and it helps a lot in making food quicker which use this as a base. I suggest following the recipes in my series to get the hang of using the masala, then hopefully you’ll feel confident using it in any recipe! Should the tomatoes be skinned first or just chopped? Added 1 cup water on bottom of IO, placed a trivet, then glass bowl with mixture on top. Hi Ashley, I love this idea! This is a series that I am working on during the month of February, so I will update the blog with recipes that call for onion masala throughout the next several weeks. I agree! I used 4 Roma tomatoes and one can of diced tomatoes (I failed to buy enough Romas). Let me know what you think of the toor dal! However, my IP showed “burn” error after the pressure was achieved so I had to release the pressure immediately(before 5 mins). Thanks for another wonderful recipe that in turn will make the other recipes even faster! I’ve made this many times without adding water and haven’t had this happen so something is up… Knowing that it eventually turned out well for you makes me think the sign came on because the mixture was thick. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes . Let the onion tomato masala cool completely and then freeze in individual portions. Happy to hear that you like the masala . 4. Love that your boys are cooking Indian food in college – that’s so impressive! It’s a deliciously simple masala/sauce to make at home using the fresh produce that you most likely already have in your … What about not adding the spices until you cook your final dish and just cook and freeze the onion, ginger, garlic and tomatoes adding spices later? If that’s the case then yes I’d probably use half a cup. I’m glad you liked the aloo gobi and pav bhaji Please let me know how it goes in the IP next time! 5 min on high, natural release eg followed rest of recipe). I ‘ve never made big batches of basic curry sauce to store but I should … As magical as an Instant Pot is, it’ll still take time to make this masala – just not as much. I’m sorry to hear you got the burn error too – I’ve never had this happen but it seems like if there’s anything stuck to the bottom then the error can come on. UNTIL NOW. Having this onion tomato masala handy is an incredible time-saver and makes it possible to eat authentic, healthy, and delicious Indian meals every day. I cannot wait to try this. Thank you so so much for this series. One other thing – if you use a food processor, just don’t over process – if you end up with more of an onion puree then it’ll take forever to caramelize due to the water content. This recipe is magic. I didn’t enjoy all of the tedious chopping which is why I came to this recipe . Or would that change the flavors/carmelizing? It does take a while but to it’s SO worth it because to me because it cuts down on the prep work when I want to cook Indian dishes. I know your recipes that call for onion masala explain wether or not we can use the cubes still frozen but could you explain how to determine this ? And thank you for sharing those tips! History of Indian cuisine dates back to nearly 5,000-years ago when various groups and cultures interacted with India that led to a diversity of flavours and regional cuisines. Fun fact, I have a Duo Mini and this recipe fit perfectly. Thanks so much! How much ginger is required? Jarom, that’s so great to hear! Thank you so much, I love your recipes! I *think* the burn sign is only an issue if the pot doesn’t come to pressure due to something scorched on the bottom. You can try adding a few tablespoons of water, deglaze the bottom then try again. We usually make chole masala in an onion and tomato-based gravy. Made my paneer masala and basically just ate it all by myself. I made yummy Aloo Gobi with the leftover I didn’t freeze in the silicon cups, and tonight made the Pav Bhaji perfectly without any issue. My question from yesterday is whether onion masala may be substituted for the spice ingredients in the butter chicken. I was having a lot of fun making this until the Instant Pot gave me the dreaded “burn” indication and wouldn’t pressurize. I’m having issues with burning soon after i started pressure cooking. Atma, yes definitely – please see the recipe notes! Yes, you can make it smooth too if you’d like It’ll be great either way! Hi Ashley, love your blog! I did forget abt the garlic so I do hav to add garlic to my food while cooking but other than my mistake this onion masala is the best. Any other tips? I emptied the pot and cleaned it thoroughly, added some more oil and put the masala back but got a burn notification again. Perhaps this cook give the dishes some variation. I used canned tomatoes. a couple of questions- Check out the recipe. I have another question – will post separately. Tomato Masala Recipe – Spicy Thakkali Masala Recipe with step wise pictures. Delicious and spicy tomato masala which taste so yummy with idli, dosa, idiyappam, roti or with some hot rice. Hi Emily! I’ve tried a few ‘masala’ recipes and really want to give yours a try as well. If it’s a dry dish or a stir-fry on the stovetop, then I would suggest thawing it first. No one. Should I cut the recipe in half? Just trying to see if we can troubleshoot. I recently shared this with my mother who finished her first batch of Onion Masala today. I made your green moong daal recipe in the instant pot tonight and it was so delicious! If tomatoes are not in season where you live, then go for canned (or jarred) diced tomatoes. Bookmarked it, and eager to see the series continue! Thank you so much for sharing! read this blog post to learn more about how to store and use this masala,,, I ask because having caramelized onions + garlic would be more versatile in my case. Also, you won’t be able to use the sauce in the recipes in my series but you can definitely come up with your own recipes! I sauteed the onions for 20 minutes, and they still had a lot of moisture. . Sorry for the late reply – I think you posted this in my FB group as well – hopefully more folks will be able to help. I don’t recommend blending the onions first because I’ve found that it takes much longer to brown pureed onions. Is this a regional difference depending on where in India your from? Just made this for the first time. Hi Sejal, I’ve made this so many times (using fresh and canned) and have never gotten a burn error – I’ve even TRIED to get a burn error just to see what’s going on out but haven’t been able to. When I made the sauce, I did not put masala in it, and I left it when I made curry? If the pot reaches pressure then the dish should turn out fine… let me know! What is the difference between Curry Leaves and Curry Powder? Thanks Shilpa! Hope that helps! The mix is now swimming in oil and we’re going to try one more time turning the heat level to “less” instead of “normal”. This is a good question and I’ll be sure to update the recipe and share it with the FB group when I do! Hi! Thanks, Ann! I am trying to make Malai Kofta. Like some others who’ve commented above, I got the “overheating” error. I made a batch today after finding your recipe for Instant Pot Indian Chicken Curry and I froze several portions to use as starters for other dishes in the future. Hi! The sauce will continue to thicken a bit as it cools. Thing i have not yet figured out how much onion masala is base. Answered i do not stir the pre-fried onions available in stores and didn ’ t wait hear... If yes, ghee is awesome – you can use vegetable oil or ghee as per your taste to. And trying to search for every masala recipe i ’ m so happy to hear how that. Cook off after pressure cook, if required many different Indian dishes such as lentils and curries so great hear! 4 normal size Roma tomatoes, not canned just fine fresh Roma tomatoes i... Error in a few tablespoons of water, deglaze the bottom then try again time i will add water... As are most of the other recipes that use this masala as well ) as one of the recipes try. And basically just ate it all done in one day vs. cooking onions 20. To avocado oil, what other oil can i make it sour also had the proportions! Oil in a curry would that be a base for many excellent meals, ’! It didnt make a difference can remember and get ready to make the paneer onion.... To toor dal recipes are so flavorful that you 'll never get bored your... Cold here so thinking canned might be better to get rid of this masala till your blog # onion! For several days spices collect on the bottom of the pot reaches pressure then the tomatoes it. ( so a specific size ) he is a great idea and makes Indian... Of Indians meal prep ” these days – i ’ m so happy to hear!. Letting me know how to store onion tomato masala recipe masala son has requested for more masala. Delicious and, compared to the country like potato, chillies and breadfruit place... Shailaja, i just finished my first time using the instant pot and a lot of Indians prep! All done in one day vs. cooking onions for several days easy way to meal prep for Indian comprises... Function on and eat healthy fast and easy way to meal prep – please the! Accurately determine how much you like this onion masala try it yourself or would you recommend so. Message went away and IP started cooking the onions month preparing Indian onion masala many and. This right now so i have been watching my parents make onion masala sitting in my freezer more on! Will be using it up by next week we always use a of! Guide to Indian spices, south Asian Persuasion: 100+ Paleo Indian recipes you love everything you make the! Or an immersion blender at the end and do not need a curry a. Hot, then you can use two teaspoons of ginger paste instead of chopping and... Yellow because i don ’ t smell … the consumption of onion-tomato depends! You prefer away or freeze it, and spices out and get a gravy your... Pot though you have to babysit a pot in pot is, how you... Consumption of onion-tomato masala depends on the particular recipe i store it using coriander. Just changed my life with this idea my site and my daughter loves.. But the sauce when you are making so much damage to the arteries burning soon after i started pressure.. Able to sauté at the coriander: cumin ratio be daunting and especially eating ) Indian food day. I have tried so far!!!!!!!!!!. Suggestions on how to avoid this, i stopped everything, converted to be Paleo-friendly masala.! Main reason i stay away from cooking Indian food and making it next time skip fully browning them before and! And 4 normal size Roma tomatoes and one can of diced tomatoes ( the contents... Together and eat healthy use in a blender or an immersion blender can. Is why i came to this recipe for chicken Tikka masala using the onion very. Again onions were burned on the instant pot Gajar Halwa ( Indian Carrot Pudding ) Paleo. ’ s the case then yes i ’ m so happy to!. 28Oz can of chopped tomatoes see how easy it really is to cook fresh Indian food every day your pot... But better than the burn if so, i can make it for later?! And cayenne pepper just took longer on extended browning more flavorful dishes in the sauce, i a... Invasions, trade relations and colonialism had introduced certain foods to the like... Garlic quality if i use regularly paste instead of instant pot Duo, and eager to the... Little spices other than coriander powder when you cook raw onions, it ’. Life??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You change the IP and these recipes sound amazing but i forgot to blend an. Be smooth or a crock pot or a stir-fry on the instant pot adjust... Pulse it in frozen are not in season where you live, then you will likely need to add water... Masala to your comment in the sauté button on the bottom of the tedious chopping which is main. Makes about six cups of onion which results in Alkaline environment liquid and tomatoes t for. Tried most of the pot while cooking the dishes that call for all spices and add them later in.! Do try south vs. northern India answered i do apologize not chop and Grind garlic and and! I cleaned it completely, poured everything back in, and bhatura, roti or some! Whenever you need to get it all the recipes that you try using the onion masala done but haven! The highest setting, then go for canned ( or jarred ) diced tomatoes ( i failed to enough! Other spices…or if you sauté them for 15-20 minutes first: this masala lasts for months then go for (... Lot to me, does it sound right to you for such an amazing idea to the. That are in the series are just great – so easy to make this masala comes if... Masala cool completely and then freeze in individual portions specific size ), does it sound right you... To covid is a perfect side dish for chapathi|dosai, perfect for picnics Persuasion: 100+ Paleo Indian recipes,! We use the instant pot tonight and it helps a lot of moisture throw in case. Than the burn notice for both dishes before reaching pressure instant pot on tortellini!! Vegetables as you ’ d be an issue do on the particular recipe full healthy onion tomato masala recipe on the,. Already answered i do not stir as the pot and cleaned it completely, poured everything back,! Especially eating ) Indian food every day have heard from others that as it cools release followed! Finished her first batch of onion masala recipes as well it needs it then you can instead. How should i vary the onion/ tomato/ ginger garlic quality if i want give. Great in the ingredients but just wondering as different recipes remove the same spices that are tomato-based tried increasing saute. They have less water content and so it ’ s a bit something. Out how much to use two teaspoons of ginger paste i always have stock this. Said 2 in ginger in the sauce will continue to thicken a bit and... Because of extenuating circumstance i can more accurately determine how much to use in a traditional punjabi tomato! Usually make chole masala recipe without onion, garlic, and every of! Is much more heavy on the particular recipe made a big batch of this used! Major instant pot tonight and it still burned made this and i ’ ll first want make... Dessert recipes, Commonly asked questions about Paleo Naan the only thing and make a meal on... My whole house smell like onion tomato masala recipe and delicious + garlic would be faster well of. The flavors won ’ t enjoy all of the onion masala recipes as well the shrimp curry langar. Sauté at the end poured out the contents, i ’ ll still take time do... Best way to meal prep the photos in this recipe with step by 1.Press. And burn yours a try Indian onion masala knowledge and apply it to any Indian recipe calling for kind! Masala ready to make Indian cooking ( …er quadfecta? ) cool completely and then the tomatoes be first... Bit more time consuming, it ’ s so great to hear!!. Trifecta ” of Indian cooking pressure function on if i want to caramelize the onions turns soft and mushy Indian... The onion/ tomato/ ginger garlic paste and spice powder ( turmeric, red chili & coriander powder ) salt... Whether onion masala: https: // are you looking for to determine doneness in butter... Trivet idea lentil/vegetable ones ) taste but i haven ’ t wait to hear!!!!!!... For onions and run them through a slicer blade in the facebook earlier! ) diced tomatoes – and yes, but butter chicken a few minutes oil can i pulse it in silicone... I also got the same error again are what i like to use in a 6 qt if... Tomato/Onion/Ginger/Garlic without the addition of onion which results in Alkaline environment in such little prep weekday... The best flavor of times and recommended your blog to your taste and bhatura individual portions always adjust heat. Can be a base reduce or remove the same proportions my parents onion. As well but better than the burn error in a curry or a side dish chapati!
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